Friday, December 4, 2009

Podcast: Marina Warner

If you enjoy podcasts, you can download and listen to a recent lecture by Marina Warner at Queen Mary, University of London here.

Marina Warner, Distinguished Professor in the Humanities, gave her inaugural lecture entitled ‘Figures in the Carpet: Magic and the 1001 Nights’ (24/11/09). The fascinating lecture explores the magic carpet's appearances in stories through the ages, and how it conveyed the power and sensation of flight long before the dawn of aviation.

I admit I'm not a podcast person, but this one will make me step out of my usual zones.

And if you haven't read Warner's From the Beast to the Blonde, why haven't you? It's a shame it's out of print. It is one of the books that inspired SurLaLune.

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  1. I've got Betelheim's "Uses of Enchantment" and Cashdan's "The Witch Must Die" but hadn't heard of Warner until now. Thanks.