Thursday, December 17, 2009

Frog Prince Week: Bookends

Yes, there is a plethora of Frog Prince related items. This is easily one of the most marketed fairy tales, perhaps only tied or even surpassing Cinderella when it comes to trinkets and such.

Today I present bookends. I don't have many bookends in my house since I don't need them. I need the space they take for actually storing books. But these are fun and very tempting.

Frog Prince Brass Bookends: The most elegant (and expensive) of today's offerings. And these are my favorites, too, of course. It helps that they are holding books. I have a lot of items with books as a motif in my house.

Frog Prince Bookends: I like these very much, too, and tie them for second place with the next ones.

Frog Prince Bookends: Another set. What can I say?

Frog Prince Bookends: Aren't these ghastly? Makes me shudder to think what prince would appear if these were kissed. He would resemble Jabba the Hut, I think. I do think they are intentionally awful.

1 comment:

  1. The brass are the most elegant. Before I even saw the others, I thought, "Those are going to be hard to beat." I suspect that no prince shows up from the bottom pair; that puckered pair of lips might just be on the princess who tried to break the spell. :-)