Thursday, December 17, 2009

Frog Prince Week: In the Garden

Yes, there are enough Frog Prince items made just for the garden to warrant their own post. And one of my favorite discoveries is in this post, so I had to share these.

Besides, sometimes there's nothing like freezing temperatures to make you wish for spring and a little gardening.

Frog Prince Thermometer: An original design by sculptor George Carruth, the Frog Prince thermometer is handcast in stone with a patina finish. (I really enjoy the humor of this one.)

Green Frog Prince Esschert Design Hose Guide: Add a touch of whimsy to your garden while protecting your precious plants with this green frog prince hose guide.

Green Frog Prince Esschert Design Watering Can: Allow our adorable green frog prince watering can to remind you to give your plants a drink. Perfect for young gardeners, frog lovers, or any gardener, including the one who has been waiting for her prince to come! It also comes in hot pink.

Frog Prince Birdfeeder: I don't see the bird feeder element, must be in the back of the frog. I hope it's not in the crown, because that would just be well, strange. Or rather sick once the birds start coming by to snack. The back is bad enough...makes the birds rather sadistic through no fault of their own.

Frog Prince with Golden Gazing Ball on Garden Stake: A regal frog prince wears a golden crown and sits atop a golden gazing ball on this unique garden stake.


  1. I'm pretty sure the bird seed goes in the crown. It's a clever design in one way: the crown tips offer perches for the bird. Of course, that means the body of the frog suffers the indignity of bird droppings. Alas, a fatal flaw.

    Love the thermometer.

  2. maybe the most used character in fairy tales, the famous frog prince, the legend say that if a pretty lady kiss the frog, this is transformed into a hansome prince, all the histories end with the princes becoming king, and married with the girl who kiss him.