Monday, December 7, 2009

Cecilia Hammarborg

Finding news about fairy tales this month is rather difficult with a bazillion articles about various pantos (always fun, but rather exhausting to sort through) as well as Nutcracker and the usual sports and government themes. Then there is the media blitz about Princess and the Frog opening this Friday. (Never fear, I will devote the week next week to The Frog Prince, but not necessarily Princess and the Frog itself the entire week.)

Anyway, I did find a throwaway article about some trends for fairy tales for adults at Away with the fairies: Awake your inner child by Stephanie Hirschmiller today. Nothing of much news there, but I discovered these two paragraphs about Cecilia Hammarborg.

The new “Black River Falls” collection from the brilliant Swanfield Co-Operative member and designer to watch (find her at Topshop EDIT or Kingly Court), is inspired by the Brothers Grimm’s fairytales and the lesser known 1800’s book entitled “Wisconsin Deathtrip” from which she derived the title for her collection.

We find ourselves fiendishly torn between her divine Blue Riding Hood coat – all the better to be seen in and her Storm Petrel coat inspired by the tale "East of the Sun and West of the Moon". It’s all about a young girl who in her search for truth is carried about the stormy corners of the world by a massive white Bear. And with its Cossack style high collar, fishtail hem and puff sleeves, truth is certainly a beautiful thing.

What fun! I had to see these and online was my only chance seeing as how Top Shop is a UK entity and nowhere near Nashville and my offline life. So the above images are from Hammarborg's website featuring her Riding Hood coats and dress and below are the Storm Petrel coats inspired by East of the Sun. These were released earlier this fall and are thus a little late in the news department, but since most of us probably didn't know about this, these are fun. And there may still be time to find thse for yourself for the holidays if you are in the UK. (And I wish the blue coat was more available because I really like since I usually choose brighter colors, but I think all of them are quite fetching and would wear any of them.)

I'm not affiliated with any of these designers or shops. This is just news.


  1. Ha ha ha! The model looks absolutely forlorn in the first Black Riding Hood Coat picture.

  2. Oh my goodness I just loooove those coats. I want the brown riding one...