Monday, November 24, 2014

Sale on Grimms Season 2 & 3 on DVD

There are some big price drops this week on a few seasons of Grimm. Grimm: Season 2 is currently $13.00 and Grimm: Season 3 dropped to $19.99 from $29.99 this morning. (Or that's what my shopping cart alerts told me.) I realize more and more people stream shows these days, but these still make great gifts if you are trying to convert a friend into a fan of the show. Or if you just prefer the DVDs for yourself. Streaming can still be frustrating with the bumps and jumps it has. And DVDs are portable to friends' houses, too.

My first season set of Once Upon a Time: Season 1 (bought on sale) converted my sister and her husband to the show this year--now they are fans and have bought the later seasons for themselves since they came to the series very late. OUAT is everywhere and I feel guilty for not watching it more. I'm addicted to some other non fairy tale shows instead which will remain nameless for now.

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