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Bargain Book: An Anthology of Russian Folktales by Jack V. Haney

An Anthology of Russian Folktales by Jack V. Haney is technically a bargain book at the moment, priced at $18.34 on Amazon. Bargain, you ask? Yes, when the list price is $175 and that is the price you would pay at publisher Routledge's site right now. This appears to be a rerelease with the same ISBNs but with a significant price drop that may or may not be temporary. It draws from Haney's seven-volume "Complete Russian Folktale" which I will be posting about tomorrow that is cost prohibitive for most personal libraries.

Book description:

This anthology gathers a broad selection of Russian folktales, legends, and anecdotes, and includes helpful features that make them more accessible and engaging for English-language readers. Editor Jack V. Haney has selected some of the best tales from his seven-volume "Complete Russian Folktale" collection and added examples of anecdotes and the long 'serial tales' told in the far north.The 114 tales included here represent every genre found in the Russian tradition. They date from the eighteenth through the twentieth centuries and come from all geographic regions of the Russian-speaking world. The collection is enhanced by a detailed introduction to the folktale and its types, brief introductions to each grouping of tales, head notes with interesting background for individual tales, and a glossary explaining Russian terms.

Table of Contents (incomplete but helpful all the same):


I. Animal Tales
Sister Fox and the Wolf
The Peasant, the Bear, and the Fox
The Pig Set Off For the Games
The Fox as Keener
The Fox as Confessor
A Wolf-Gray and Daring
The Fox and the Jug
The Bear and the Beam
The Peasant, the Bear, the Fox, and the Gadfly
The Case of the Beekeeper and the Bear
The Bear
The Mushrooms
The Sun, the Wind, and the Moon

II. Tales of Heroes and Villains
Nikita the Tanner
Ivan the Mare's Son
Maria Morevna
The Witch and the Sun's Sister
The Milk of Wild Beasts
Baba Yaga and the Nimble Youth
Ivan Tsarevich and the Gray Wolf
The Maiden Tsar
Elena the Wise
The Frog Tsarevna
The Petrified Tsarevna
Fenist the Bright Falcon Feather
How the Tsar's Daughter Came to Know Need
Go Where You Know Not Where, Bring Back You Know Not What
The Mare's Head
Baba Yaga
The Swan-Geese
Vasilisa the Beautiful

III. Tales of Magic
A Prince and His Uncle
The Golden Slipper
Burenushka the Little Red Cow
The Pig with the Golden Bristles
Dirty Face
Ivan Tsarevich, the Gray Wolf, and Elena the Most Beautiful
The Rejuvenating Applies
The Three Sons-in-Law
The Everlasting Piece
Little Boy Green
The Fiddler in Hell
The Snow Maiden
The Armless Maiden

IV. Legends
The Poor Widow
The Serpent
The Hermit and the Devil
The Proud Rich Man
The Bigamist
The Old Woman in Church
The Golden Saucer and the Silver Apple
SS. Kas'ian and Nikolai
Why Women Lost Their Rights
The Tale of a Drunkard
Who Brought Vodka to Rus
The Forest Spirit
The Skomorokh Vavilo

V. Tales of Love and Life
The Self-Playing Gusli
About Ivan the Fool
The Philosopher and the Cripple
The Soldier Erema the Crafty
The Peasant and the Devil
The White-Bearded Old Man
The Tsar and the Two Craftsmen
The Wise Seven-Year-Old Girl
Tsar Peter and the Clever Woman
The Clever Daughter (or the Dispute Over a Colt)
How I Became Head of the Division
The Merchant's Daughter
A Hunter Rescues a Maiden
The Woman From the Grave
About Savvushka
The Son-in-Law Teaches His Wife and Mother-in-Law
How Peter and a Hunter Went Hunting
Peter the Great Ate the Murzovka
The Carefree Monastery
Why There Is Treason in Rus
Eaten By a Wolf
How a Lad Bought Wisdom
Why They Stopped Banishing Old Men
How the Bear Killed the Robbers
The Soldier and Death
The Golden Pitcher
Peter the Great and the Three Soldiers
The Monk and the Abbess

VI. Tales of Clever Fools
Balda the Laborer
The Laborer and the Priest
How Klimka Stole the Landlord's Wife
Shabarsha the Laborer
About a Sly Peasant and a Priest
About Egibikha (Baba Yaga)
A Lad Who Watched Rusalki
The Tsar and the Peasant
The Peasant and the Devil
The Devil Takes the Soldier's Watch
Whence Came Baba Yaga
The Wizard
VII. Anecdotes
The Dog Tsuvarnachka
Those Folks From Pskov
A Tailor or a Crayfish
The Mare's Egg
The Lord of the Manor
How the Soldier Sold the Speck Unsalted Custard
If You Don't Like It, Don't Listen!
The Turnip
The Sad Story of a Raven

VIII. Serial Tales From the Far North

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