Friday, November 7, 2014

Fairy Tales in Advertising: Toyota Foundation: Little Red Riding Hood

Toyota Foundation: Little Red Riding Hood

Without nature, there are no stories.
Save them by applying for one of our environmental grants for non-profit organizations.
Toyota Foundation

Okay, I never expected to see Little Red Riding Hood and Napoleon used for the same ad campaign. But I really love the Red Riding image and message--for me since I am biased anyway--it's much more powerful than Napoleon. Besides, one is fiction and one is history so the Napoleon seems to be playing fast and loose with what was a real war, a real tragedy for many, just lessened in emotional impact thanks to time. Ick. How about using Hansel and Gretel instead? Or Jack and the Beanstalk? Or almost anything else from fiction? Not Waterloo. A battle that would have likely happened whatever the natural landscape anyway.

Campaign info from Ads of the World:

Advertising Agency: Badillo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Creative Directors: Juan Camilo Valdivieso, Pedro Pérez
Art Directors: Cristina Burckhart, Fernando Suárez, Cristo Oviedo
Copywriters: Pedro Pérez, Juan C. Valdivieso
Photographer: Ale Burset
Illustrator: Diego Speroni / F16 Producciones

Toyota Foundation: Napoleon

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  1. Really important to show environmental devastation due to wars. People rarely think about that. We aren't even allowed to see many current war images. I don't have a problem showing real damage, esp when a company is offering grants to non-profits to help deal with real environmental issues. This campaign has far more impact based on history vs fairy tales.