Wednesday, November 12, 2014

An International Seminaron Fairy-tale Therapy

This arrived in my inbox:

An International Seminaron Fairy-tale Therapy

10-13 March 2015

Venue: Hotel Tivoli Sintra, Portugal
Organization: Moonluza, Unipessoal Lda.

"Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale”
Hans Christian Andersen

Story-telling is one of the most ancient and beautiful traditions. It allows “travelling with one’s mind” and opens up new worlds. It has great therapeutic potential: it can change our moods; develop our imagination; deepen our understanding of everyday life; and help us control or face our emotions. The benefits of stories and tales are numerous, dating back millennia: even in the time of Pharaoh
Rameses the library was called “the house of healing for the soul.”

The Seminar in Sintra aims to highlight and delve more deeply into Fairy-tale Therapy, a method gaining more and more recognition
worldwide. We will bring together international scholars, experts, enthusiasts and those who use this therapy in their varying fields.

Sintra will be a stage for exchanging experiences, ideas, research, points of view and of inspiration.

This location was chosen especially because of its truly fairy-tale charm. For Hans Christian Andersen it was “the most beautiful place in Portugal” and Lord Byron called it his “Glorious Eden”.

We invite proposals for papers/presentations on fairy-tale and story-telling therapy.

Together we can contribute to the development of using Fairy-tales in many fields of life!
Proposal forms should be submitted by 15 January 2015 to the following email address:

Proposals and presentations must be in English.

Components of the Proposal:
Title and author
Short summary
Keyword Set
Font: Calibri 11

We also offer the possibility of attending the seminar as an audience member.

Participation is confirmed immediately after payment of the registration fee.

For more information please contact: or
Tel. (+351)969.792.262

Preliminary Programme

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

16h00-18h00 Registration and Welcome Desk
Hotel Tivoli Sintra

20h00 – 22h30 Opening Dinner at Hotel Tivoli Sintra

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

9h30 -11h00 Seminar opening: keynote speeches

11h00-11h15 Coffee break

11h15-12h15 Session one

12h15-12h30 Questions and answers

12h30-14h30 Free time

14h30-16h30 Session two

16h30-17h00 Questions and answers

Thursday, 12 March 2015

10h00-12h15 Session three

12h15-12h30 Questions and answers

12h30-14h30 Free time

14h30-16h30 Session four

16h30-16h45 Questions and answers

16h45-17h30 Coffee break

17h30-18h45 Visit to the National Palace of Sintra

20h30 -22h30 Gala Dinner at the historic Hotel Palácio Seteais in Sintra

Friday, 13 March 2015

9h30 – 11h00 Session Five

11h00- 12h00 Closing Session

12h00 – 12h30 Coffee break

Friday, 13 March 2015(from 12h30) – Sunday, 15 March 2015

Touristic Programme

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  1. Thank you for the information! The theme is very intriguing! What about Sintra - I've been there and yes, I can confirm - it IS a fairytale place, full of beauty and magic!:))