Thursday, November 21, 2013

Today Only Sale: Ravensburger Enchanted Forest Game and More

Today only Amazon has many Ravensburger games and puzzles on sale in their Gold Box. One offering is a classic, cult favorite fairy tale game: Ravensburger Enchanted Forest - Family Game. It is $12.49 today only or until the sale quantity sells out. The items will dwindle as the day progresses, disappearing from the list once a quota is met.

Here's a larger image of the game box with some fairy tale characters more apparent.

Game description:

Explore the Kingdom and Discover Magical Items

Combining memory and strategy, Ravensburger's Enchanted Forest is a challenging game in an engaging medieval setting. Designed for two to six players, each participant ventures across the map in search of items from your favorite fairy tales. These items include the gingerbread man from Hansel and Gretel, one of the dwarves' hats from Snow White, one of Cinderella's glass slippers, and many more.

As you travel across the kingdom, the King will ask for the location of a certain item. Each player must then quickly venture to the castle to be the first to inform the King and win his approval in the form of a card--three cards win the game.

Use Your Memory and Imagination to Outwit Other Players

Enchanted Forest is a turn-based game that develops counting, memory, and imagination as you venture across the kingdom. Younger players will enjoy the colorful, illustrated game board and fairy-tale-based story, while older players can practice their strategic thinking by observing other players' movements and anticipating their actions.

Detailed Illustrations Transport Players to a Medieval Kingdom

Constructed from thick, sturdy cardboard, the Enchanted Forest game board is covered in colorful images of the magical kingdom. Each item card features a fun portrait of a character from common fairy tales.

Engaging Game Offers Simple Rules with Competitive Excitement

Our testers enjoyed the simple rules to Enchanted Forest and found the game to be both fun and challenging. Finding and remembering the locations of the items provided some nice mental stimulation, and observing opponent's moves added a layer of complexity to this straightforward game.

What's in the Box

Game board, 6 player pieces, 13 tree figurines, 13 item medallions, 13 item cards, and instructions.


  1. I've loved playing this game since I was young and still enjoy it today. While most the fairy tales are pretty much recognizable, there are some images and cards that I had no idea what fairy tale they belong to. Perhaps someone can help me:
    -There's a belt with the number 7 on it, and the card has an image of a tall thin man in a village.
    -There's coin with a star on it, and the card shows a girl holding out a blue dress and trying to catch the star-coins that are falling from the sky.
    -There's a pillow with some feathers flying out of it, and I think the card has a grandmother and a grandaughter on it.

    Any ideas?

    1. Aliza,

      Here you go:

      1. Brave Little Tailor (see

      2. The Star Child (see

      3. Mother Huldah or Frau Holle (see

  2. Thanks!
    It makes me very happy to see something fairy tale inspired that doesn't use only well known stories :)

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