Monday, February 16, 2015

SurLaLune State of the Union & Vote for Types of Posts You Like Best

So you may have noticed a pattern to recent posts--I have themes for several days of the week so I can work ahead on posts. Life gets in the way and I always hope to have content most days of the week on the blog. That's a daily challenge and you will notice that most blogs die within a year due to that strain.

I have goals for finishing two books, nearly finishing one more, updating the SurLaLune Fairy Tales main site, and oh, many things this year which is already over 6 weeks spent. This year the SurLaLune Blog turns 6 years old and the main site will--are you ready for it?--it will turn 17 years old. There are people using the site these days who weren't even twinkles in their mother's eyes when I started all this. And let me tell you, most of it is just stubborn resilience. Do I ever tire of fairy tales? Nope. Do I weary of the overwhelming content that I can never, ever hope to master and share? Yes. Several other bloggers have stepped up and add to the fairy tale blog world of content. I'm grateful for them because I feel less pressure to search the web, the latest news, the world in general for stuff to share with you since they do so much of that for us all. I can focus on sharing my specific passions--books, art, books, toys, books, etc.

  • Sunday: Comics--I plan to start sharing fairy tale related funnies, mostly comics but whatever I find that suits the theme.
  • Monday: New Fiction Releases--usually the new books released that week.
  • Tuesday: Picture Book and/or Nonfiction Releases--new releases when possible, older releases of picture books when not. If there are plenty of new fiction releases in a week, I will hold some over for Tuesday posts, too. If there is new nonfiction, I also plan to share that on Tuesdays.
  • Wednesday: Tale Day--I plan to start sharing favorite tales, not well-known ones, ones I like or ones other readers like. Hasn't happened yet and that's the most labor intensive of all the days. Because editing. And introducing. Aargh!
  • Thursday: Art Day--sharing fine art with fairy tale influences.
  • Friday: Advertising--Sharing advertisements that use fairy tales to sell stuff. Because that, I admit, fascinates me no end.
  • Saturday: Crafts--I plan to start sharing more fairy tale themed crafts on Saturdays.

And then I will add more on the days when I have something new to share or discuss. But it gives us all a small dose of daily fairy tales. And most of these post are purposely designed to be quickies, read in a few minutes, since everyone's read time is limited. And because I really wish there were eight days a week.

But I am not attached to that list--well I am with New Release Fiction, Art Thursdays, and Fairy Tales in Advertising Fridays--because I already have posts in the queue for those through May.

Any other themes you would prefer to see? Recommendations?

Thanks for reading! SurLaLune is sticking around for years to come, hopefully in some new iterations that I am trying to get the personal bandwidth to create and manage.


  1. I like the daily theme concept. Very nifty!

    1. Absolutely ! Tales of the faerie and common folk are a very nifty theme indeed .

  2. I like all these themes very much. As a stitcher I am particularly looking forward to Saturday's. In fact the next blog in my Reader may have something perfect for a Saturday.

  3. Thank you for all your hard work! I can't even imagine how much work goes into maintaining Surlalune. I love learning about fairy tales in all different formats, so I love the variety you bring us!

  4. Thank you for all your hard work! I can't even imagine how much work goes into maintaining Surlalune. I love learning about fairy tales in all different formats, so I love the variety you bring us!

  5. Thank you for your continued hard work. (My Kindle also thanks you for keeping it constantly synching to upload all the fabulous book deals you bring to the page.) I have recommended this website to every English class I've taught for the last five years. It is a treasure.

  6. I am glad to hear that you are finishing more books! I love your collections.

  7. I enjoy everything you post Heidi. I no longer stress too much about missing books because I'm fairly sure you will post on them (though I include some because I love books and reading), and I love seeing your personality and passions come through too with the advertising, toys and crafts. I don't think any of us will ever get to post on everything that's happening because there's so very much (kind of an awesome problem to have, really) but I'm glad you're making your books a priority. I adore the SurLaLune collections and am so very excited whenever a new one comes out. Thank you for all you do and have been doing for so many years now. I cannot fathom how you've managed to do it all - and so well - for so long but I'm forever grateful. Glad to know you plan to keep on keeping on!

  8. I also like the daily themes you selected, but I stopped to comment because you mentioned new books. I cannot wait to read them! Thank you for all the time and TLC you put into your site, blog and books.