Tuesday, February 24, 2015

New Picture Book: Little Red's Riding 'Hood by Stein and Gall

(US/UK Links)

Little Red's Riding 'Hood by Peter Stein (Author), Chris Gall (Illustrator) is released this week in the US and UK. See Little Red's Riding 'Hood (UK Link).

I mention the nieces frequently on the blog but I have nephews, too. The youngest is Clark who is currently vehicle obsessed. I am tempted to try this one out with him. He's two and knows many fairy tales thanks to an older sister, but he will only care that this has scooters, trucks, and cars in it. Which is why the publisher chose this, of course.

Book description:

When Little Red's Granny Putt Putt gets sick, the tiny moped scooter races over the river and through the dark woods to bring her a basket of get-well goodies.

But when Little Red crosses paths with Tank, the biggest, loudest, meanest machine around, that no-good monster truck has plans of his own.

Why, Granny, what big wheels you have!
Why, Granny, what big headlights you have!
Why, Granny, what a big hood you have!

From the sparkplug, creative minds of Peter Stein and Chris Gall comes a full-throttle version of the classic LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD tale that will have everyone revving for more.

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