Monday, May 14, 2012

New Book: Twice Upon a Time (Half Upon a Time) by James Riley

Twice Upon a Time (Half Upon a Time) by James Riley was released a few weeks ago while I was in the midst of my move, not that I am settled yet! This book is a sequel to Half Upon a Time and both are for middle readers, starting ages 8 and up. These should work well for fans of P. W. Catanese's books and should work well with both boys and girls. So many of these fairy tale releases are aimed at girls primarily.

Book description:

Little mermaids and normal-sized pirates always create the biggest of problems, don't they?

After the surprise revelations of HALF UPON A TIME, Jack, May and Phillip could use the help of a fairy godmother or two on their search for May's true identity. Only, there might be a snag: The entire Fairy Homelands have been put to sleep by an evil curse, and waking them could be hard. That's only if by hard, you mean escaping from the Land of Never, braving a merman-infested ocean to find a Sea Witch, then fighting alongside the pirate Bluebeard against an army of land-invading sharks with legs, all while trying to outwit one of the Wicked Queen's Eyes who seems to know your every move. So, yeah, a bit hard.

But what fun would an easy fairy tale be?

Twice Upon a Time is the second book in the Half Upon a Time series.

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