Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Muppet Snow White

Muppet Snow White (Muppet Graphic Novels) was released a few years ago and is already out of print, but I've not shared it here in my memory so here it is! This was part of a series but only one outright fairy tale was interpreted. Although it wasn't 2012, Snow White was the tale of choice to go along with Peter Pan, Robin Hood and others. The following are some images from David Petersen who did the cover art and a few of the interior images (found on his website) and one page representing the interior work by Shelli Paroline.

And, yes, let me tell you, I think we can find some deep psychological and sociological meanings to Miss Piggy playing both the evil queen and Snow White. What do you think?


  1. Can you imagine how strange these pictures would be if you had never seen muppets before?

  2. Miss Piggy didn't play Snow White. Another, more obscure, pig character named Spamela Hamderson played Snow White. She first appeared on the show Muppets Tonight in their Baywatch parody "Bay of Pigs Watch".

    Just sharing my obscure comic/Muppet knowledge.

  3. AdamYJ took the words right out of my mouth--Snow White was played by Spamela Hamderson--who was a completely different pig character.Also, this version had one bizarre ending.

  4. I don't see how things could get more bizarre than this.