Friday, May 25, 2012

Favorite Adaptations: ABC's Once Upon a Time

Jhane offered a second favorite fairy tale adaptation, one that has inspired many people over the last several months. Coincidentally, the DVDs and Blu Ray sets are now available for preorder. The price hasn't dropped much on Amazon yet, but they will price match if you preorder and you will always get the lowest price listed between now and release date--which is what I always do. The discs are released on August 28th. Now here are Jhane's words:

Another adaptation of fairy tales that I love is ABC's Once Upon A Time TV series.

It is one of the few series I have been watching and I am hooked to it for many reasons. Even before it was shown, I was already interested in it because I really have this fascination about fairy tales, and the series gave more than just that.

The main conflict of the series is that the fairy tales being snatched off of their happy endings, and them being brought and stuck in the modern world by no other than the Evil Queen. And only one person could save them all and bring back their happiness, and it happens to be Snow White and Prince Charming's child - a daughter, actually.

The many reasons I loved it:

For one, it really has a modern take in it, being the fairy tale world and the modern world entangled. What happens in the original fairy tales also happen in the modern world, only on a different yet similar manner. It unfolds differently in the modern world, yet, the conflict is there and much more chaos ensues.

Another is that, I loved how they connected the different fairy tales making it seem that all of these tales happened in one setting and time. Like how Snow White and Red Riding Hood became the best of friends; how Cinderella became friends with Snow White and Prince Charming; how Rumpelstiltskin seems to be omnipresent; and among others.

There is also a different take yet wonderful version of the tales, you would actually like to think that the real tales happened that way. Like [SPOILER ALERT!] how Prince Charming and Snow White actually met because of the latter's thieving scheme; how Grumpy the dwarf was actually named Dreamy at first but was turned into Grumpy because of loving a fairy - that could never happen; how Red Riding Hood was actually the wolf her town feared; how Rumpelstiltskin became that powerful because of his desire to protect his child; how Belle fell into the hands of the Beast (who happens to be Rumpelstiltskin); how the Evil Queen became that evil after having her heart broken and blaming it to Snow White, who revealed her secret to her evil mother; and among others.

Also, I love how the story revolves around Snow White and Prince Charming (in the modern world, Mary Margaret Blanchard and James), and true love, like how every fairy tale should.

And also, the morals each episode give that make you think more and make you appreciate the tales more. And along with that is your excitement for each new episode to come, and you just wonder what would happen to your favorite fairy tale, how they would connect it to the current plot, and how different yet wonderful it would be.

And lastly, it gives you the feeling that fairy tales are really for everyone, for the children or the teens or the adults, for the females or the males; to just everyone who appreciates it and who has the belief that fairy tales are there to give us hope, that anything is possible, that magic is everywhere, and that love is the most powerful magic of all :)

I am Jhane from the Philippines.


  1. What a great review of OUAT! I often have mixed feelings about the show myself, but everything you pointed out is totally why I keep turning in week after week! And OMG! What a season finale! I can't wait until season 2.

  2. I loved the show for the same reasons, though Rumpelstiltskin stole the show for me. I loved his scenes and centered episodes. Keep an eye out for a coupon from Amazon. I had preordered when the coupon was still available and was able to get the blu-ray for under $30. It looks like the coupon is no longer available, but with three months remaining until release a coupon or discount will probably reappear.

    And yes, what a great finale! I had tears in my eyes and was actually very satisfied with how they wrapped up season one. I wanted a bit more between Mr. Gold and Belle, their reunion was rushed for me (not to mention she owes him an earful for the way they parted at the end of Skin Deep), but it still comes in as one of my favorite episodes of the season. I even sympathized with Regina finally and hope they bring out more of her human side and love for Henry in season 2.


  3. Just started watching this, and since not everything was available, I missed a lot of episodes. I still enjoyed it quite a bit, though. Here are some of my thoughts on it and other modern fairy tale adaptations.

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