Sunday, April 1, 2012

Share Your Favorite Adaptation and Win a Book

Kill Me Softly by Sarah Cross will be released on April 10th. To celebrate and to help out the SurLaLune blog while I am in the chaos of changing abodes, Sarah has offered to give away a copy of the book to one guest poster for SurLaLune. You have until April 10th to send me a guest post--at least one paragraph of four sentences--talking about one of your favorite adaptations of a fairy tale, be it a novel, short story, illustration, song or movie. Tell us why you enjoy the version and why others may enjoy it, too.

I will share the entries throughout the month of April on the blog but entries should be submitted to me by email by April 10th--don't submit a blog comment for an entry, only email entries are accepted on this one. I will randomly draw a winner from the submissions to win a copy of Kill Me Softly. Sarah will also mail the book to you herself to spare me the work of doing one more task and to insure you get the book in a more timely manner. I plan to give away a few more books but be warned that most are packed so you won't receive them until at least May. I don't have a list either but hope to give away my remaining double copies of books of which I have a few.

And, yes, international entries are accepted. And multiple entries are accepted, too. You can write one, two or ten posts and receive an entry for each one. As you submit entries, I will try to reply with an email telling you it has been received and which day it will be published. Be sure to specify how you want to be identified and I will include links to your own sites if you include them--a great way to cross promote. And this time, if you would, include your country of residence. I like for readers to see just how international the readership of this blog is.

Thanks for participating! April is going to be a big, messy blur for me but will hopefully be fun and open my life up to more opportunities for SurLaLune in its many incarnations.


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