Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fairy Tales in Stitches: Princess and the Pea Quilt by Angela Yosten

So, after cross stitch, I felt like returning to quilts. Not the first thought in spring, but I had an image in my mind for a Princess and the Pea quilt. And then I went hunting and found something very similar with full instructions by Angela Yosten at Moda Bake Shop. I don't quilt, but this quilt makes me wish I did. I love this one and it would be a top pick for me as a quilt and it's not overly difficult.

I also found someone else's interpretation. Here are some images of the quilt as interpreted by Shelly at Little Meanderings. I love her color scheme, too.

The button is the pea.

She also put the tale on the back of the quilt.

Someone whip one of these up for me right away, okay?

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  1. Oh wow! Thanks so much for featuring my quilt! love the post! - Angela Yosten