Monday, April 16, 2012

Fairy Tales in Stitches: Unexpected Patterns by Gera

The Three Bears by Gera

You are probably aware by now that the Japanese enjoy European fairy tales and have many unique and fun interpretations of them, especially in fabric and stickers and other craft related items. One charming series of several cross stitch patterns is by Gera of many of the less popular fairy tales for cross stitch interpretations--no Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty here in other words. 

Most of my images came from a seller site where several Japanese crafts are available for international customers--it's in English and makes for easier buying in other words. It is SuperBuzzy and really quite a charming site. I haven't ordered from them yet so this is not an endorsement but I will be trying them in the future when I decide which of these patterns I want the most. My birthday is coming in May and there may be a self-gifting of some of these patterns I've been discovering.

Bremen Town Musicians by Gera

The Giant Turnip by Gera (The Giant Turnip!)

Thumbelina by Gera

Tortoise and the Hare by Gera

The Three Pigs by Gera

Hansel and Gretel by Gera

Little Red Riding Hood by Gera

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