Sunday, April 1, 2012

Jewelry: Fairy Tale Silhouettes by Katharina Bergmann at Karamboola

Snow White

It's April and so March's Fairy Tale music theme has come to an end. In the future, I will continue more music posts randomly since I didn't come close to covering them all. But I wanted a new theme for the month and I needed a simpler one for me as I continue my move. If all goes well, we will be completely relocated in the next four weeks. That feels like a long time but not long enough as anyone would know.

Anyway, in my limited time I have been composing craft and handmade themed posts for the month. From jewelry to quilts to other items, I will be sharing pictures and links. Over the years, I have seen few Snow White pieces that are not directly influenced by the Disney classic. That will change this year, I think, with the many Snow White interpretations around us. However, one of my favorite fairy tale themed jewelry shops on Etsy is karamboola by Katharina Bergmann. Karamboola features fairy tale silhouettes. I am featuring the necklace, brooch and ring (earrings are available, too) for Snow White and then adding the necklace renditions of other fairy tales available in the store. I love the details of the added charms as well as the availability of less popular fairy tales. Enjoy!

Brother and Sister

Brother and Sister

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood

Princess and the Pea



Sleeping Beauty

The Star Money

Waiting For Her Prince


  1. These are beautiful! Thanks for the link I just added her to my favorites!

  2. Gorgeous!! I wish there was a 12 Dancing Princesses one :)