Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Favorite Adaptations: The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale

Here is Molly M.'s entry in the Favorite Adaptations giveaway to win a copy of Kill Me Softly by Sarah Cross. The window for entries has been extended to April 14th and more entries are trickling in this week. Although the window is closing in a few days to win the book, but I will be publishing the entries throughout the month of April. You can submit after Saturday, you just won't have a chance to win the book.

Shannon Hale's novel The Goose Girl is one of my ultimate favourite fairy tale adaptations. Hale's ability to take such a strange and short story and turn it into a beautiful novel is amazing. I love her characterization of Ani and how she made the story so believable, yet keeping the feeling of a fantastical story. She takes elements of the story that may not make sense to a modern audience, or just seem strange, and creates a believable scenario. Hale's writing style is beautiful and sticks to the mood of a fairy tale. One of the reasons I love the novel so much is Hale's ability to create such an intricate world from such a short story. It's a wonderful book, one I've read many times, and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes fairy tale adaptations. The audiobook is also very well done, with a full cast of voice actors for the many characters. The writing, the plot, the world-building, and the characterization of the novel all flows together to create an excellent new story. It's hard to put into words my feelings about this novel eloquently, but it really is an amazing book that you should read.

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  1. Debut author Shannon Hale succeeds wonderfully with her first novel, "The Goose Girl." A retelling of the moderately well-known tale collected by the Brothers Grimm, she reinvents the story for a modern audience.