Monday, May 10, 2010

Robin Hood Week: Getting Started

I think most of us are aware that Robin Hood starring Russell Crowe opens in the states this weekend. I myself am very torn over the entire thing for I am afraid it appears to be more Gladiator in Sherwood Forest than the type of Robin Hoods I enjoy most. John is enthusastic, of course, so we will go see it. At least it is PG-13 so the gore shouldn't be too bad. I admit that as I age, my stomach for violent entertainment weakens.

I love Robin Hood and never tire of him and his Merry Men as I do of King Arthur and Camelot stories. Arthur, Guinevere and Lancelot have become almost anathema to me along with the millions of interpretations of A Christmas Carol and It's a Wonderful Life. (Are the light-hearted entertainment sprites laughing at me since Shrek Forever After is using "It's a Wonderful Life" for it's storyline?)

However, the media is certainly jumping on the bandwagon with Robin Hood everywhere this week. It was all over the tv over the weekend making background noise as John cooked eggplant parmesan for Mother's Day. The news articles are growing exponentially each day as the release date approaches. Robin Hood is the buzzword of the week.

So I may as well join the fun. I declare this week Robin Hood week, in all hail to the folklore side of SurLaLune I don't get to explore as often.

And I admit, John can convince me to see the movie despite all my trepidation since Alan Doyle from Great Big Sea is Allan A'Dayle. I've driven hours to see him in concert. Why not a few minutes down the road to see him on the movie screen? Not quite as thrilling as a concert for me, but close enough. Great Big Sea was here almost two weeks ago and an early birthday present for me. It was my sixth time seeing them in concert and they were as great as ever!

Also for further reference, here are two lists I have created on Amazon for the week: Robin Hood: Novels and Other Fiction and Robin Hood: Nonfiction. I will be highlighting several, but not all, of the titles on these lists during Robin Hood Week on this blog.

PS: I could watch Patrick Stewart perform his one man show of Christmas Carol a hundred times, so I am not completely against the stories, just tired of seeing them worn out as inspirations.


  1. I'm ready. One of my sons asked me what I would like for Mother's Day and I told him, "Take me to see Robin Hood!" LOL!

  2. Can't say I am excited about this version. I feel the same - it looks like Gladiator 2. Plus I really think they needed to have casted a much younger Robin and Marion. Russel Crow and Cate Blanchette are simply too old to play Robin and Marion, especially since this is suppose to be a whole "before the legend" thing (or at least that's how they are billing it. To me, it just isn't Robin Hood and therefore I don't plan to see it.

  3. Ahh. Great Big Sea. Caught them myself last Monday, took off two days and drove 4 hours... Can't say I'm surprised that those with such an interest in history, folktales, and a bit of magic—would be fans of both the band and stories here....I'm looking forward to the film, for both reasons. It's an interpretation, like any retelling. If it's a good retelling, it will stand on its own.