Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Hare's Bride by Emily Carroll

I always love when illustrators choose a more obscure fairy tale to illustrate and then share with us.  The internet makes so much more accessible, especially the obscure tales.  Especially when they do it so well that I am prompted to go reread the tale myself.  Emily Carroll, aka sockefeller on LiveJournal, posted her wonderful interpretation of The Hare's Bride from the Grimms.

It doesn't matter which you do first, read the tale or look at the illustrations, because you will want to do the other after doing one.  Never fear, the tale is a short one, only a few paragraphs and will only take about two minutes to read.  But don't miss the illustrations!

And, yes, if you read the brief notes for the tale, it is loosely related to Fitcher's Bird which is itself a Bluebeard variant.

This was another reader contribution, this time from Shannon. Thanks for sharing, Shannon! My spam filter sent the email to my spam folder but fortunately I caught it. Needless to say, my spam filter doesn't like fairy tales and their nonsensical bits very often for all too much ends up there...  But Viagara emails sometimes don't end up there despite my every wish that they would.


  1. That's really sweet! Love your blog by the way and especially the SurLaLune website! Thank you! xxxxx

  2. Glad you got the link, it's always fun to see a fresh visual interpretation of a great tale.