Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Titania" by Filmmaker Lisa Stock

Lisa Stock asked me to help get the word out about her new film, Titania. Here are her own words and a plea for assistance, too:

Filmmaker Lisa Stock ("Brother and Sister", "The Wild Hunt") is currently in pre-production on TITANIA - a retelling of the fairy tale of the Armless Maiden through Shakespeare's fairy queen - "After having her wings torn from her body, Titania must embark on a journey of healing to become whole again." Next month they plan to shoot the short film prequel and have been invited to premiere it at the Three Wishes Faery Fest in Cornwall in June! And they are calling on the fairy tale community for help to get this indie fantasy film made. From now until May 20th they are accepting pledges on their Kickstart fundraising page. Donations start at $5 and each level gets a great reward - such as a signed copy of the script, exclusive downloads, a visit to the set and more!

Lisa's film work is being featured in the current issue of FAERIE Magazine (Fall '09), or you can visit the official TITANIA website for more info: TitaniaFilm.com. The hitch is - if they don't have their goal of $10K pledged by May 20th - they don't get any of the funds.

To make a pledge today visit: Titania at Kickstarter

Thank you! We appreciate every bit of help we're getting and look forward to sharing this film and the full trilogy with the fae community.