Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fairy Tales in the Classroom: The Fairytale Museum

This week will be devoted to fairy tales in the classroom. Since I am starting this on Sunday, still technically the weekend, I wanted to share a find I've been saving for months. This week is the perfect theme and this is a great way to start it off. Lighthearted or more serious as inspiration, whichever you choose.

In the UK, Hillside Primary & Nursery School has a fairy tale museum which displays fairy tale "artifacts" and other materials made by the students. The following are the only details which are provided, but I imagine this is an ongoing project with student contributions since the site implies it is open for viewing.

From the site:

Year 2/3 have been working hard with Creative Partnerships to produce artefacts to go in our wonderful Fairytale Museum. Please call in to have a look around.

I am sharing my favorite images, but there are more on their site. I love the concept of building a museum and the hands-on approach with the students, from creating printing plates to make a Cinderella book to making masks to magic bean boxes to having more elaborate pieces for the students to enjoy.

Per usual, I won't label these but let you guess. They are labeled on the school's site so you can see them there along with the other ones I didn't include.

The plates for the Cinderella book are pictured above and the final book below...

There is also a display of cross stitch projects, but they aren't clearly visible.

Consider me enthusiastic and impressed. I want to be at this school!

I have two lists of education related books, many of which will get further discussion this week, on Amazon at Fairy Tales in the Classroom and Fairy Tales in the Classroom: Math Applications.


  1. What a fabulous idea. Thanks for posting this.

  2. Do you know what grade this was? Thanks!
    -Nicole Marie Schreiber

  3. What did you make your vines out of?