Friday, April 9, 2010

Diamonds and Toads Week: Les fées: Picture Books in France

Another occasional pasttime of mine is perusing foreign bookstores to find fairy tale titles and illustrations. Since Diamonds and Toads, aka Les fées, is a French fairy tale by Charles Perrault, I wanted to share the covers and links to the French picture books of the tale I discovered. The links will take you to, by the way.

Les fées de Charles Perrault et Sibylle Knapp

Les fées de Charlotte Gastaut et Charles Perrault

Les fées de Philippe Dumas et Charles Perrault

My conclusion is that Les fées isn't very popular in France in comparison with other fairy tales. There weren't many picture book versions available in other words. There are many more versions of popular German tales, for example, than there are of Les fées. With it being one of the most popular tale types in the world, I am still fascinated by how much the tale has sunk into relative obscurity in popular culture.

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