Friday, November 18, 2011

Trailer for Brave

The trailer for Pixar's Brave for which I have read so many conflicting reports of it being or not being folklore based. Well, it appears to be in a very general way, but no specific stories here. It's set to be released June 2012. I usually enjoy Pixar films and at least we are finally getting a heroine from them.

If it's a success--and when is Pixar not?--I imagine a slew of Scottish influenced stories descending upon us. Hmmm, what Scottish folktale would you love to see as a movie? I vote for Kate Crackernuts. Someone out in Hollywood get right on that for me, yes?


  1. I have heavy suspicions that we're going to see a "three bears" spin somewhere in this film...

  2. Spoiler Alert*

    I've heard that she inadvertently wishes her mother in a bear and must save her.