Monday, November 28, 2011

Call for Papers: How Do Our Views About Hair Affect Children?

This one is quite intriguing and I do hope at least one Rapunzel article makes it into the final collection! I know Rapunzel intrigued me with her hair as a child and now several new generations will get Disney's take on it, too, to influence them.

How Do Our Views About Hair Affect Children?

From Barbie, Britney and Rapunzel to Pocahontas and Beyoncé, matters related to hair can be quite complicated when it comes to race, gender and class. A special issue of The Lion and the Unicorn will look at how hair affects the politics of identity in children's literature and for children generally. Submit essays of 15-20 pages (4,500-6,000 words) and a 250-word abstract by noon July 1, 2012, to editor Neal A. Lester, Dean of Humanities and Professor of English at Arizona State University.


  1. Wow, this sounds really interesting! I've never had any real hang ups about hair, although I have realised I look better with longer hair as when it is short is sticks out all over the place.

    It is interesting in the Rapunzel story that, with the hair the key to entering the tower, her prison- it is not until it is cut off and she has shorter hair that she finds her happy ending.

    Will this journal be free to access for normal people, or is it academic only?

  2. hmm... I think there is correlation between hair and self-esteem in girls. To an extent at least... If you notice, most models/celebs have long hair and similar styles to boot. Maybe it's a weak connection, but I know I always tend to envy the longer hair styles I see, regardless if most of them are made from extensions and professional hair dressers.

  3. Laura,

    The Lion and the Unicorn is an academic journal, but your local public library ought to be able to get the issue for you via interlibrary loan.

    Best wishes,

    Naomi, co-editor of The Lion and the Unicorn,

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