Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Release: Doctor Who: A Fairytale Life

Doctor Who: A Fairytale Life, the paperback release of the 4 issue miniseries, was released yesterday but I decided to wait until today to post about it since I previewed it previously on the blog.

Description from the publisher:

What's better: an ugly reality or beautiful fantasy? This is the question the Doctor is forced to confront in a medieval fantasy world where Amy Pond finds herself reluctantly cast as a damsel in distress. Matthew Sturges, Eisner Award-nominated writer of Jack of Fables, spins this yarn, featuring covers by Mark Buckingham of Miracleman and Fables fame.

And from an article from author Sturges at Sturges Enchants "Doctor Who: A Fairytale Life" by Jeffrey Renaud:

It features the new Doctor, correct?

It is with the 11th Doctor, yes. It’s the Doctor and Amy, and there’s no Rory around. The basic setup is that the Doctor is really daring Amy to think of some place where he can take her that is beyond imagining; something that is really good. She tries to flummox him and she says when she was a little girl, before she met him that she had always dreamed of going to a fantasy world with fairies and unicorns and elves and he thinks for a minute and then says, "Yes. I can do that." So he takes her to the holiday planet of Caligaris Epsilon Six, which is conceived during the height of the third Great and Bountiful Human Empire -- which is neither great, nor bountiful, nor overwhelmingly human, as the Doctor explains -- in the year 7,704. It is dedicated to being an imaginary re-creation of what a fairy tale world would be like. But the Doctor being the Doctor lands about 500 years too late and this holiday planet has become something else entirely, and something or someone has been kidnapping people and taking them away to a dread tower. It’s the Doctor’s job to find out who or what is causing everything to go wrong.
You can also look inside the issue using the Look Inside feature at Amazon. Fun stuff, especially if you are a Who fan. Imagine a Tardis on chicken legs a la Baba Yaga.... Hmmmm....

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