Monday, November 28, 2011

Fairy Tales Showdown

I just opened up my laptop and found this tab open and realized I hadn't shared this yet. So in the theory better late than never, here is a link and excerpt from Throwdown the Results Show: Once Upon a Time vs. Grimm by Tim Surette:

Last week we asked you to tell us which new fairy tale drama does a better job of bringing the classic stories to life—Grimm and its real-world fairy tales, or Once Upon a Time and its dual universes that keep fairy tales intact and separate from our world—and boy, did you respond! Pat yourselves on the backs, guys, because the story received more than 200 comments and many of you showed real passion for the topic.

The results are obviously in favor of Once Upon a Time. The article shares some comments from viewers, too, in favor of each. Quite interesting.

So which one is your favorite so far? Is's small sample accurate to SurLaLune readers too?


  1. Mhmmm, I just caught up in Once Upon A Time...I think I may like OUT a little bit more than Grimms. Both are great though.

  2. I'm actually enjoying Grimm much more--- it has more genuine terror underlying the story....(IMHO). I do like both though.

  3. This is interesting to me - I really do like both shows, albeit for very different reasons. Grimm offers that "Buffy" element that I love from my adolescent years, while Once gives me that Disney fairy tale element with a twist of Lost thrown in. The question that posed is tricky, however. "Which show brings the fairy tales to life better." Well...Grimm doesn't give you the whole story of each fairy tale. They're bringing something entirely new to the scene - offering up a descendant of the Grimms to ward off evil. That's what I love about it! So of course Once is going to tell the classics better, but that doesn't necessarily mean the show is better, which I feel the survey was trying to get at.

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