Friday, November 4, 2011

"Heavy Thoughts" by John Skurja

As I mentioned earlier this week, my parents recently visited the R.W. Norton Art Gallery in Shreveport, LA where they saw a few fairy tale related sculptures. My dad snapped some photos to share so I am spacing some out for posts this week. Today's offering is "Heavy Thoughts" by John Skurja. No, it's not directly a Frog Prince reference, but it implies it for me since I often have the tale on the brain. So I am sharing and letting you decide. Isn't he just thinking, "How do I end this enchantment?" when you look at him?

 I didn't find a ready site for Skurja, but apparently frogs inspire him as seen through his collection at Ian Russell Art.

From the Norton:

You can see the Norton's image of the piece here.

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