Thursday, October 6, 2011

Advertising: Katy Perry as Snow White for GHD

I bet you wouldn't have guessed that the most visited post on the SurLaLune Blog is for an old post about the fairy tale inspired GHD ad campaign. It regularly stays in the top five, usually the top one although the post on the Princess and the Pea craft fights for first regularly. Anyway, that popularity verifies for me that the GHD fairy tales campaign must be successful.

So it comes as no surprise that when GHD hired Katy Perry as their new celebrity spokesmodel, they chose Snow White for inspiration. Here are the two new photos making the publicity rounds this week. And, yes, the second one is supposed to be Perry as Snow White. Huh? Very "loose" interpretation, I think.

From the press release:

Today world leading professional hair styling brand ghd announces the signing of music sensation Katy Perry as the new face of the brand. Working in close collaboration with indisputably one of the most talented women in music today, the association will kick off over the next few months with an exciting new multimedia global brand campaign recently shot by world renowned photographer David LaChapelle.
I wonder if there will be more fairy tales starring Katy Perry in our future?

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