Friday, October 28, 2011

Instructables: How to make a Prop 'Glass' Cinderella Slipper

I was just recently introduced to the Instructables website and had to explore briefly. My first discovery was this How to make a Prop 'Glass' Cinderella Slipper from a pretzel tub DIY by Jay. I won't copy the steps and it requires a level of patience and skill but this shoe can be yours with a glue gun, scissors and a plastic tub if your fairy godmother isn't scheduled to arrive anytime soon. It's not wearable, but it's fun to see how someone answers the challenge of making a glass slipper.

So for Gangshow this year... I was asked to beg borrow steal or make some very... INTERESTING items... one of which is a 'Glass Slipper'... So I knew no-one that I could beg one off... I knew no-where I could borrow or steal one from... So It looked like I would have to make one... I had looked round the shops for some cheep jelly shoes or maybe a seethrough welly boot... but to no avail... so I sat to thinking... and looking at me in my pit of a room.. was an empty (CLEAN!) Pretzel tub that I had been saving to make a sand water filter with my scouts (uh-oh.... It's ok I bought another barrel of Pretzels!)

So well here is my I'ble I hope it inspires... If it does, and you make one I would love to see what you come up with



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  1. Perfect timing. Now we just need a giant pumpkin and six mouses, right?