Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Happily Ever After Video Game

The above is a trailer for a new fairy tale influenced video game, Happily Ever After.

From the game's webpage where you can also download a demo:

The game will be priced at £2.99 for iPad and £9.99 for PC and Mac

When a problem page blogger starts to receive a series of weird and puzzling requests for help, they track down the source and go to investigate, only to end up in the Kingdom of Unbelievaville! Stuck there, their only means of escaping being turned into a doornob by the evil queen, is to help out the local inhabitants who are familiar characters with very unfamiliar problems!

It contains over 100 puzzles stretched through 24 levels with multiple endings in story mode, and if that's not enough, the game contains a bunch of against-the-clock minigames.

Happily Ever After will be available this Autumn/Fall!

In the mean time, why not follow either of the player character's twitter feeds at @TheFGM or @TheBlogFather1 or check out the Kingdom of Unbelievaville dating site

And more from the press release:

Leading UK independent developer, Honeyslug, in ration with publishing partner Boiled Frog, are delighted to announce the forthcoming release of their modern fairytale puzzle adventure with a twist, “Happily Ever After”. Due for release on iPad, Mac and PC in October 2011, priced at £2.99 on iPad and £9.99 on PC and Mac. The title is supported with PR, trailers and playable demo (PC only) on all formats. These, together with screenshots, are available at or

Happily Ever After is a humorous puzzle adventure game which takes place in the contemporary fairytale Kingdom of Unbelievaville. After receiving a series of strange emails to your problem solving blog you find yourself trapped in the Kingdom. Following a hostile encounter with the Evil Queen, your only way home is to help out the cast of familiar fairytale characters with unfamiliar problems. These inhabitants include BB Wolff - the local smarmy, estate agent and apparent master of disguise, Goldilocks, a special girl with very particular tastes and an oafish, lazy prince who is charming only by name. Your adventure ends at the annual Unbelievaville “Know Talent” contest; will you find your way home or suffer the Evil Queen’s “hex” factor?

Happily Ever After is a hugely entertaining game, set over 24 levels with over 100 different puzzles. Players are set to enjoy many hours of gameplay with challenges including hidden object, logic games, mazes, spot the differences, riddles and more. With lavish comic book visuals, three fun arcade style mini games and a sparkling script penned by Childrens’ BBC script writer Hannah McKay, this title is sure to appeal to puzzlers and adventure game fans of all ages.

This one looks safer for younger kids--like 8 and up perhaps although I don't see an age recommendation, maybe even 5 although I think reading is needful--unlike make of the other video games featured on the blog previously which were definitely more adult.

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