Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cinderella Cleaners Series

Have you heard of or seen this series, starting with Change of a Dress (Cinderella Cleaners, No. 1) by Maya Gold? I did earlier this year and then forgot about it when my computer did a reboot. Anyway, I thought I would share these today. Interesting concept and then also a boon to those with young readers who adore series. I did and still do actually. The first book definitely uses the fairy tale for inspiration but the other books appear to only keep the characters instead of playing with any more fairy tales.

Book description from the publisher:

Behind the counter at Cinderella Cleaners, Diana watches the clothes come and go. She loves to imagine the exciting events that the different outfits might be worn to. Then one day, Diana reaches into the pocket of a fancy coat - and finds an invitation to a glittering gala in New York City. Since the coat's owner is out of town, Diana gets a wild idea. With the help of some savvy friends, one glamorous dress, and a lot of improvising, Diana pretends to be someone she's not, and makes it into the party! Will she be discovered, or will her disguise come off without a hitch?

Cinderella Cleaners #2: Prep Cool

This week at Cinderella Cleaners, someone has dropped off a private-school uniform. Diana has always wondered what it would be like to attend a posh academy…and now she has the chance to find out. Her best friend's cell phone is stolen, and in order to catch the culprit, Diana has to sneak into super-snooty Foreman Academy. But she never counted on mayhem, mean girls, and a pop quiz! Can Diana convince everyone she's a prep-school student, or will she flunk big-time?

Cinderella Cleaners #3: Rock & Role

Diana has always dreamed about being on camera . . . and now, she might get her chance! On her way to drop off a super-cool vest for a Cinderella Cleaners client, Diana happens to meet pop star Tasha Kane. Tasha invites Diana to try out for a role in her new video, and Diana is beyond excited. But there's one big catch: Tasha wants the video to feature the rockin' vest ... which doesn't belong to Diana! Can Diana still rock the video shoot? Or will she -- and Cinderella Cleaners -- roll into serious trouble?

Cinderella Cleaners #4: Mask Appeal

When Diana finds luxurious gown on the rack at Cinderella Cleaners, she knows it would be perfect for the masquerade ball in town. Too bad she's not allowed to attend the star-studded event. But thanks to a mask and a few friends, Diana sneaks in. Once there, she's excited to dance with her new crush - that is, until she runs into another crush from her past! Even worse, she spots some other unexpected guests who could ruin everything for her. Will Diana be unmasked before the night is up?

Cinderella Cleaners #5: Scheme Spirit

Diana's never been a fan of cheerleaders. After all, mean queen bee Kayleigh is one, and she's always snooty to Diana and her friends. Still, Diana has school spirit, and is bummed to be missing all the festivities for the town's Homecoming game while she's stuck working at the cleaners. But when Diana's co-worker Cat has to help a friend in need, Diana finds herself at the homecoming parade...and, against all odds, in a cheerleading costume borrowed from the cleaners! And to her surprise, Diana almost...enjoys her disguise! But can she pull off this top-secret pom-pom mission?

Cinderella Cleaners #6: Swan Fake

Welcome to Cinderella Cleaners:
Drop-off service!

Quality care!

Total transformation...

Cinderella Cleaners has just received a shipment of dance costumes for a big upcoming performance. Diana's friend, Amelia, is supposed to be in the show...BUT she needs Diana to secretly fill in for her during one of the performances. Not only does Diana owe her friend a favor, but she fits perfectly into the costume. However, once she's on stage, Diana is a lot more Two Left Feet than Prima Ballerina. Will she be discovered before it’s time to take a bow?

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