Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Start Over by MC Frontalot

I am still busily translating and editing intensely for upcoming SurLaLune releases. So my brain is sprained. I am also on a news media blackout. First, it's a time issue. Second, if one more "fairy tale" news search comes up with a glut of sports articles, I am going to, well, I can't think of anything that isn't a cliche right now. But it won't be pretty. Cinderella seasons and such don't even refer to weddings this time of year, just sports dreams. Why don't they get their own metaphors and similes? And why do they love fairy tale references so much. Someone should really jump on that and write a paper. Is there a class in journalism school about fairy tale metaphors?

So until after March Madness and is all over and the sports metaphors are reduced to one per page of search results instead of nine out of ten, I won't know if interesting events are happening with fairy tales. If you know of any yourself, please send.

But I did smile today over a song, one I had forgotten existed. I think I heard it once a few years ago. I will embed a video and share some of the lyrics. Oh, the song is a rap of Start Over by MC Frontalot. It's a fun retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. If you want it, it is a free download on the website. You can preview it below with the video.

This is actually part of the third verse, but you can read all the lyrics here:

All right, grama was hanging alone,
cultivating the medicine for the glaucoma.
She paid rent in the forest. It was inexpensive.
Grama's house was in the intensively
wolf-rife section of town.
She didn't mind, she liked a wild hound.
Sound at the door: an intruder.
"Is that you, red? You brought food for
me to eat?" "Nope, the opposite.
No hard candy, so soft chocolate.
Just a wolf belly for you to inhabit
and I'm going to need your nightshirt for the next gambit."
Clandestinely reclining in bed,
the wolf awaits (for red!),
expecting their usual banter:
"How's school?" "Fine, grama,
here's food." "Thanks dear."
Instead it's all: "What's up with the ears?"
Eyes. Nose. Throat. Teeth.
"Little Red Riding Hood, why you giving me grief?
bodies change as the years advance
soft features grow unkind to the glance
and hairs sprout.

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