Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Book: Rapunzel by Sarah Gibb

Rapunzel: Based on the Original Story by the Brothers Grimm

Rapunzel: Based on the Original Story by the Brothers Grimm by Sarah Gibb was released last week. I was rather shocked when there weren't more Rapunzel picture books released last year to coincide with Tangled. I haven't seen this one in person but I did find several images around the web that charmed me. This has an old-fashioned feel, old-fashioned as in 1950s illustrations.

Product description from the publisher:

Beautiful Rapunzel is locked away in a tall, tall tower, visited only by the little creatures of the forest and the witch who has imprisoned her. Until one day a handsome prince, passing by on his horse, is transfixed by the magical sound of Rapunzel singing to her animals friends and knows he must reach her... Can true love transform Rapunzel's life forever?

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  1. Thanks for this link. I know my daughter will love this book (and I might have to get one for myself).