Wednesday, March 16, 2011

LRRH Week: Fine Art

by William Merritt Chase

As I have said a hundred times here already, I was raised visiting art museums with my art historian mother. The impressing worked and her oldest duckling--me--goes to museums all the time now as an adult. One of the minor trends that fascinates me is the plethora of paintings, especially from the 1800s, that are either family portraits or more overt references to Little Red Riding Hood with the little red hood, hat or cap. There is no doubt this tale was popular and either requested by the family or a source of inspiration for the artist or both.

So today I offer just a sampling of the ones I've seen--and remember--and could gather images of. There are more. Unfortunately, they are hard to find without outright Red Riding Hood titles (many of these have such) or if I was unable to snap a picture of them in the museums which is usually a 50/50 opportunity according to the museum rights.

And while you are looking, notice that almost all of them incorporate a basket, too.

by John Everett Millais

by Edward Frederick Brewtnall

by John Deffett Francis

by Richard Hermann Eschke

by Sir Thomas Lawrence

by Gari Melchers

by William Christian Symons

by George Frederic Watts

by Isabel Oakley Naftel

by James Sant

by Harriet Backer

by William M. Spittle

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  1. Thanks for the images, i'm really enjoying the lrrh theme,and appreciate the book recommendations.