Friday, March 4, 2011

More About Beastly

After all that from me earlier, here is a review that pretty much said what I think. From Reviews, ‘Rango’ tilting positive, ‘Beastly’ ‘Adjustment’ middling, ‘Take Me Home’ weak Uncategorized by otownrog at the Orlando Sentinel:

Something my reviewer friend Jeff says comes to mind when thinking about “Beastly,” the “Beauty and the Beast” updating with Alex Pettyfer and Vanessa Hudgens. Jeff says to film fans who disagree with a review, “You CHOSE to go see this because this is the sort of thing you like. I see EVERYthing.” So if you’re predisposed enough to like something enough that you’re buying a ticket, you’re already grading it on a curve.

So some people (Who is that fellow in Arizona?) are beating the crap out of a smart, snarky and romantic movie for teens, especially teenage girls. I say it works. I kept waiting for director Daniel Barnz to blow it and he never does.
And looking at the average viewer reviews, those who are interested in seeing it, are enjoying it. So go see it! If you're here, you are already predisposed to enjoy it on some level...

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