Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fairy Tale Films Week

With Beastly released this weekend and Red Riding Hood release next weekend, it's rather an automatic to discuss fairy tales and films this week. In fact, as someone who has been immersed in Bluebeard recently for the upcoming SurLaLune book release, I am including Jane Eyre, the newest film version of it, in the list since it is officially released next weekend, too. (The poster image above gave that away for me, didn't it?)


What does this mean? I'm not entirely sure yet, but I know I will be highlighting academic books about fairy tales and film for one thing. There are several and I imagine this abundance of new releases will inspire more writing from both the professionals and the students.

For today, I am most curious to know which of these three movies interests you the most?

Also, what is your favorite fairy tale film of all time? That's not quite fair of me since I have a list. I am attached to several which I plan to highlight this week, too. But I am curious to know what your favorites are...

And since you are here, here's the trailer for the new Jane Eyre. The trailer inadvertently emphasizes the fairy tale qualities of the story, which are really quite numerous.

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