Sunday, March 27, 2011

Around the World in 80 Tales by Saviour Pirotta and illustrated by Richard Johnson

Around the World in 80 Tales

Around the World in 80 Tales by Saviour Pirotta and illustrated by Richard Johnson is a very appealing collection of folktales with lush illustrations that will appeal to many ages and both genders. I have found more fairy tale collections for kids have a more feminine slant to them in packaging which makes it harder to sell to boys and their grown-ups. (I always, ALWAYS want to say "grups." Does that make me too much of a Star Trek nerd?) Anyway, my husband came over to talk to me as I was prepping these illustrations and wanted a closer look if that gives you any indication of how they appeal to a large audience. I like that they are sweet but not overly so with vibrant colors. They don't appear as generic in tone and nature as so many illustrated fairy tale collections tend to look, if that makes any sense, but still have a cohesive tone and style.

Book description from the publisher:

This richly illustrated book takes readers on a journey across six continents, with entertaining folktales from eighty different storytelling traditions. An excellent introduction to foreign countries, these beautifully told stories are perfect for reading aloud and encouraging children to learn about different cultures and other parts of the world. From a dragon princess in China to a clever peddler in Morocco, children will meet wonderful characters as they travel story-by-story around the globe. An ideal gift, this deluxe volume is a joyous celebration of the world's wonderful diversity.

About the Author

Saviour Pirotta has written more than sixty fiction and nonfiction books for children, and his works have been translated into ten languages. He has a special interest in myths and traditional legends from around the world. Saviour was born in Malta and is a trained chef.
And now for some pages and illustrations. I included the Table of Contents pages which are faint in text but can give you an idea of what tales are included. The biggest fairy tale hits are absent, but Cap O' Rushes is included so we get one Cinderella variant.

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  1. This collection has been catching my eye a lot lately. Thanks for your excellent review! Looks like something that would appeal to us!