Friday, January 21, 2011

Theatre: Wolf Tales and Rumpelstiltskin

From Wisecracking Fairy Tales: Robinson Production Company Puts on "Rumpelstiltskin": This duet of plays features a family-friendly twist on old stories by Rachael Dickson, a school theatre production in Virginia, two plays, including interesting interpretations of Three Little Pigs and Rumpelstiltskin:

“Once Upon a Time… you have to start with that or the union comes after you,” a character cracks at the beginning of Wolf Tales, one of two fairy tale themed plays performed by the Robinson Production Company this weekend. These renditions put a family-friendly, humorous spin on traditional stories.

Wolf Tales retells the story of The Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood through a skewed lens – complete with mobster-style wolves with New Jersey accents, the three little pigs as fighting sisters, and a grandma with some serious ninja fighting skills. Rumpelstiltskin features a much-expanded cast of characters from the original folk story and a green puppet as the title character, with cartoonish background music and props adding a bit more levity to the script.

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