Sunday, January 16, 2011

Little Red Riding Hood Paper Sculpture by Papernoodle

Love this.  It has been featured on Etsy where you can buy giclee prints of the image by papernoodle. I would love to see the original paper sculpture in person.  About the piece from papernoodle:

This is an open edition print of my original paper sculpture illustration called "Distraction." I constructed a paper sculpture of my own drawing based on the story "Little Red Riding Hood." I photographed it, and digitally manipulated it.

I always liked the idea of printing photographs of paper sculptures on paper. Once, the paper image is printed, it gives a sense of that the paper itself is telling a story.

The image is printed on Somerset Velvet paper with archival inks. Paper measures 8"x10", with a white border for framing. My signature is in the illustration as it was photographed and printed after signed on the original sculpture.
She also has a stunning print of her Alice in Wonderland sculpture which I might like even better despite not being an Alice fan.

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