Friday, January 21, 2011

Read Article: Beastly: An Exclusive Set Visit

Beastly Movie Tie-in Edition

From a fairly lengthy article--and one of the better written ones I've read--about the upcoming Beastly movie, due to be released March 4th, based on Alex Flinn's novel of the same name. The article is Beastly: An Exclusive Set Visit by Edward Douglas via

Producers Susan Cartsonis and Roz Weisberg picked up the rights to the book the day it was released in 2007 right as the Writers Strike was commencing and it was the first film to be optioned by CBS Films with their Senior VP of Production Maria Faillace suggesting Daniel Barnz to write it. Barnz had previously directed an indie fantasy/fairy tale called Phoebe in Wonderland, starring Elle Fanning and Patricia Clarkson, that found a lot of fans when it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2008.

"[Daniel] saw in it what was immediately apparent to me, which is 'Beauty and the Beast' set in a high school is a perfect venue for it," Cartsonis told us when we sat own with the producers early in our visit, "because there's never a time in a person's life that they feel more conscious of their looks than in high school, and the hierarchy of a school is so much based on that, too. It's such a rich time of life to tell the story, and for me, that transcended even whether it was a 'tween movie or a teen movie or an adult movie. It didn't really matter. It was just such a perfect marriage of subject and story."
Click through to read the full article. The movie was originally slated to be released last year but was held until this March when it will precede the release of Red Riding Hood.

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  1. I absolutly loved the book and well theirs nothing more really to add. Modern day beauty and the beast as most would say though i am disapointed (as usual) with the movie. First of all when i realized they had changed the cover because of the movie i was shocked. Belive it or not when i first saw the book i was turned off by the cover of it thinking it to be a twilight spin-off. ( Yes all u twilight OCDs i despise the book for more than one reason. And i hate the fact that because of this book every time i walk into a book store their a a whole section of vampire spin-offs when their is a whole lot of other great books that deserve to be taking up that space.) But besides that i dont (usually) judge a book by its cover so when i read the summery on the back i decided it was a keeper. So halfway through reading it, my younger sister who seemed curious about the cover asked what it was about. I told her it was about a rich hansome famous boy who got turned into a wolf/dog/bear/gorilla/human thing because he was crule, mean and selfish and now he only has 2 years to find true love or hell be stuck like that forever. "Oh" she said. "Sooooooo whats that got to do with the cover?" I looked at the cover then back at her and said " I honestly have no clue." It was not until i looked it up online that i realised that the cover was like a movie poster: all movie and no book. Not only was the girl black haired and beautiful (meanwhile the book describs her as a red headed, freackled, all over avarage girl) but adrian (kyle) showed not one speck of hair on his body or warped animal like fearures so well described in the book. And when i read further into the movie i also noted how they took the plot and compleatly put it in a new direction. And when i saw the witch i was upset. I had so wanted to see her with the green hair. And what in the world happened to piolet, the awsome seeing eyed dog? In the trailer i saw no sign of him. And Adrians (kyle) time of finding true love got shortened to 1 year. HE GOT GYPPED! D:

    As far as the book goes it was one of the best. As for the movie not so much. Its sad to see a potentaly great movie turn into a disaster. And as much as it kills most of me to say this : At least twilight got the details right when they made their movie, the director of beastly should take some notes from them.