Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 2: Jim LaMarche in Fairy Tale Art: Illustrations from Children's Books

Jim LaMarche is another illustrator featured in the Fairy Tale Art: Illustrations from Children's Books exhibit. You can read more about him at Jim LaMarche and at Harper Collins.

Each of the illustrations had a gloss from LaMarche about the work. What I remember the most--I couldn't take many notes--is his story about the little girl who modeled for the elf. One day when he arrived to work with her, she would only whistle at him since she had just learned how so in the illustrations she is whistling. Quite whimsical.

Now here's the illustrations:

Featured books:

The Rainbabies The Elves and the Shoemaker

Other books by LaMarche:

The Raft Up Bear's First Christmas 
A Story for Bear Lost and Found: Three Dog Stories The Sea Of Sleep

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  1. Great illustrations. Thanks for the book recommendations. My kids just received a wonderful book for Christmas called "The Thanksgiving Coat" by Elizabeth A. Hoadley. It's illustrated by the author's 5-year old daughter. The story was created after mother and daughter volunteered to help at a local food bank.