Friday, January 28, 2011

Fairy Tale Love and Some Wedding Anniversaries

Card exterior

So today is my 13th wedding anniversary. It's a special day for John and myself not just because we were wed on this date, but because we share it with both sets of our parents. To clarify, my parents were married on this day 40 years ago. John's parents were married on this same day 40 years ago, too. We lost John's dad a few years ago, so the day is tinged with some sadness, too, but it's a blessing to have come from two sets of parents married all that time ago who stuck it out and stayed married despite all the challenges inherent in any relationship. All this means we had to get married on a Wednesday night in late January or wait several years for a Saturday wedding. That day was perfect with a high of 78 in Nashville. Most January 28ths are very wintery so we also enjoy the few that get us snowed in like last year when we spent three days at home tucked away from the world, well not the internet world, but the rest of it.

A few weeks ago I was browsing through a Hallmark shop that was going out-of-business and discovered this card which has apparently been around for at least a year. I rarely shop for cards and mostly write letters to John, but this card was perfect for both of us. Not sappy. Funny, but pulling in some obvious themes from our life.  John also loves Hoops & Yoyo (really, he's been on their site which appears to be down right now more than once) so it wasn't just pulling in the fairy tale reference for me, but the goofiness of the characters for him.

Card interior

What you can't see here is that the card is a talking card that plays a recording of Hoops & Yoyo talking about fairy tale love. I found a YouTube video of a little girl playing with the card so you can hear the words. They are funny and made John laugh.

That said, if I hadn't married John there is a good chance SurLaLune wouldn't exist. I took that original HTML class a few months after our marriage so I could better understand his career choices and goals for he was just starting out as a graphic designer at the time. He has helped me with several design elements over the years--the most professional looking elements are his, like the banner on this blog, the rest is mine. I don't really have an artistic rendering bone in my body although I can work well enough with beautiful elements to make something pleasing, a skill taught me by my mother.

Happy Anniversary, John! I hope for many more decades with you at my side. Happy Anniversary to the parents, too.  Without them, we wouldn't be here either...

PS: Believe it or not, I had prewritten the two previous posts for today about fairy tale romance novels before I remembered that I had planned this post for today. My subconscious can be a scary, scary thing.


  1. Happy Anniversary! Although a little bit late, please, receive my best wishes for a long life together in love, laugh, exciting mutual projects and precious moments to share!
    What about John and Sur la Lune... well, maybe it's just destiny??
    Have a lovely weekend!:)