Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Steampunk Fables by Rod Espinosa: Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, and Snow White

Rod Espinosa's Steampunk Fables by Rod Espinosa was released last year and missed my radar until this week. It is a compilation of three comics: Steampunk Cinderella One Shot, Steampunk Snow White, and Steampunk Red Riding Hood.


Book description:

Presenting an instant classic from Rod Espinosa, creator of The Courageous Princess and Neotopia, and Antarctic Press's own master of the new-age fairy tale. This collection of timeless tales has been galvanized and refueled to charge full steam ahead with a new angle on these familiar favorites!

Steampunk Cinderella:

In a stately home upon a grand estate lives the lovely Cinderella...slaving away to please her stepmother and stepsisters. She stokes the boiler pressure to meet their needs and answers all their calls through the intercom tubes, all for a few scraps and no gratitude. But with the help of her father's steam-powered inventions, she just might get to meet her prince...

Steampunk Red Riding Hood:

My, Grandma, what a big gears you have! (All the better to grind you with, my dear!) My, grandma, what a big boiler you have! (All the better to cook you with, my dear!) My, grandma, what a big Tesla blaster I've got! (Er...)

Steampunk Snow White:

From the mastermind behind Neotopia and Courageous Princess comes this spectacular steampunk take on a classic fairy tale! In a far-off kingdom, the queen sends her armies of steam-powered juggernauts to successful conquest, all while she and her subordinate lords pass the wartime expenses on to the peasants. Her daughter, Snow White, protests to no avail. The commoners' only hope is the daring raider Lone Fox, but on his latest assault the vigilante is ambushed!

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