Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Kader Belarbi’s La Bête et la Belle Ballet

La Bete et la Belle DVD and La Bete et la Belle [Blu-ray] will be released on January 27th in the US. Amazon has the case images mixed up so don't be confused by the links. Also note that as of this post's writing, the Blu-Ray is significantly less expensive than the DVD, a common trend these days since I don't think Blu-Rays sell as well seeing as how they don't play on as many players.

Belarbi:Le Bete Et La Belle [Blu-ray] (UK Region 2) and La Bete et la Belle (UK Region 2 Link) were released earlier this month in the UK. So I'm splitting the difference between the release dates and posting today.

I will have to watch this sometime, I am also intrigued by the choice to switch the title around to "Beast and the Beauty" instead of the usual title. I love ballet and this is my favorite fairy tale, so it's a must that I see it. I only wish I could see it live. I doubt this is going to be offered in Nashville soon, although we have a fine ballet company here.

I have a preview video below with the description of the ballet.

La Bête et la Belle is renowned French choreographer Kader Belarbi’s compelling reimagining of the classic fairy tale Beauty and the Beast – a psychological drama that explores the rejection or acceptance of difference, centring around Beauty’s discovery of the depth of true love. First performed by the Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal in 2005, Théâtre du Capitole’s reprise of Belarbi’s acclaimed production has confirmed its status as among the best of modern ballets, combining stunning set and costume designs with striking choreography that reflects the unique soundscape of the Ligeti-dominant musical score. Takafumi Watanabe and Julie Loria assume the lead roles in a production that instantly transports us into the beautiful dream world of this timeless masterpiece reinterpreted.

The Beauty Julie Loria
The Beast Takafumi Watanabe

Choreography and Staging Kader Belarbi

Recorded at the Théâtre du Capitole, Toulouse, October 2013

What the press said:
‘‘…all the markings of one of the classic ballets: It had romance, spectacle and drama, and it was beautiful.’’ Times Argus

‘‘…filled with spectacular dancing by large ensembles set beautifully. Imaginative and colorful sets and costumes by Valérie Berman and effective lighting by Marc Parent completed the visual spectacle…’’ Times Argus

Here is also a promotional video of a rehearsal for the ballet by Théâtre du Capitole. Théâtre du Capitole is the performance offered on the DVD release.

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  1. I too am very excited about the prospect of a Beauty and the Beast ballet...but is anyone else confused about what scenes they're dancing in the video?