Friday, December 19, 2014

Fairy Tales in Advertising: Hispanic Against Drunk Driving: Multiple Tales

Hispanic Against Drunk Driving: Three Little Pigs
Monsters do exist. If you drink, don't drive.

Wow. I am fascinated by the level of serious messages that fairy tales have been used for in advertising in recent years. Please, someone, write a paper on that and share. I imagine words like "innocence," "juxtaposition," and others would make an appearance in such a paper. There are more to come in some future posts, too, but themes I have seen include drunk driving, child abuse, homelessness, AIDS, childhood illnesses, smoking, environmental protection, general car safety, and more.

We at SurLaLune know fairy tales aren't all fun and frivolity but I guess some ad agencies know it, too.

Campaign info from Ads of the World:

Advertising Agency: Concept Café, Miami, USA
Creative Director: Salvador Veloso
Associate Creative Director: Sebastian Moltedo
Art Director: Pablo Del Fabbro
Copywriter: Sebastian Moltedo
Illustrator: Bob Dob
Published: December 2012

Hispanic Against Drunk Driving: Little Red Riding Hood
Monsters do exist. If you drink, don't drive.

Hispanic Against Drunk Driving: Peter and the Wolf
Monsters do exist. If you drink, don't drive.

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