Wednesday, December 3, 2014

New Fairy Tale Releases in 2015: Lists!

2015 promises many, many fairy tale related books and such for our entertainment. I've been working on these lists for 6 months and I am still amazed at how long they are already, considering that we are still almost a month away from 2015.

Fairy Tale Influenced Fiction 2015--6 more titles and I will already have to start a part 2 list. There is a limit of 40 titles per list.

Fairy Tale Picture Books 2015--I'm four titles away from needing a part 2 list.

Fairy Tale and Folklore Nonfiction 2015--and this is up to 37 titles, 3 away from a part 2 list.

Will 2015 be the first year that I need a 3 part list for fiction and picture book titles? Or even 4 parts? I've rarely needed two parts for nonfiction either, but that is a surety at this point since my latest date of a release is August 2015 on any of these lists--there will be plenty in September through December 2015.

If you know of any titles that are missing--please share! I rely mostly on my own searches while watching tv with the hubby since I can't just watch tv these days.

What titles are you most excited about coming to us in 2015?

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