Monday, June 30, 2014

Updating the Fairy Tale Timeline

I've spent the weekend updating the Fairy Tale Timeline on SurLaLune, a popular list for the internet apparently--it has a lot of direct linking from other sites, including Wikipedia. I realized I hadn't updated it for the past few years but as I looked at it, I wanted to add many more items.

Most of the items I have added the last few days are pop culture references since those are the ones most familiar to the general audience beyond regular SurLaLune readers. We all know how important film and tv are to fairy tale visibility, too. They bring fairy tales to a much wider audience.

I plan to add more images and entries but before I finalize the updates and consider the timeline "done" for a while, what important elements of fairy tale history would you like to see on the timeline?

What books do you consider seminal?

Theatre productions?

Other pop culture moments?

And please LOOK at the existing timeline before you post. Try not to make recommendations for items that already appear there. It confuses everyone else--including me--and I start thinking, "I thought that was already on there? Did I miss that?"

Post in the comments to the blog or email me directly. I have final editorial say, but I wanted to get some feedback from you readers in the know, too.

And thanks. SurLaLune is a kingdom of contributors!


  1. Have you come across these operas - La Cenerentola by Rossini (1817) and Cendrillon by Jules Massenet (1899)? Both are adaptations of Cinderella.
    I really enjoy your site.

  2. Three things I didn't see that stood out:
    the musical "Into the Woods" by Sondheim 1986
    Fables comic by Bill Willingham, brings the "Grimm" back into fairy tales. 2002
    "Sisters Grimm" series and several other children's book series bringing fairy tales into the modern world. 2005