Monday, June 9, 2014

New Book: The Six Swans Illustrated by Gerda Raidt

The Six Swans by J & W Grimm (Author), Gerda Raidt (Illustrator) with a historical note by Jack Zipes was released last week.

I love Six Swans picture books for some reason. They always end up being some of my favorites. This is a worthy addition to the library of Six Swans titles, but I'll let the illustrations do most of the talking.

Book description:

A classic Grimm’s fairy tale about the power of sisterly love!

When six unfortunate brothers are turned into swans by an evil witch, their heart-broken sister vows to break the spell by sewing six shirts from starflowers and promising not to utter a word, or make a sound—not even a laugh—for six long years.

This beautiful story was popular long before Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm put it into print. The captivating illustrations by Gerda Raidt will make this beloved classic a story time favorite.

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